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What do many of the most successful filmmakers in the world have in common?

They started their careers in HORROR!

It is the best stepping stone into Hollywood because it's a star on its own, not needing name talent. It's always in demand for that reason and many more.  Master the craft so you can stand out and sell your horror screenplay and supercharge your career chances! 

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What Students are saying:

“Thanks so much for all you do. Having you around as I learn this craft
and genre is very dear to me. You are worth your weight in gold. ;)”

"Wow!! Thanks so much for this amazing 101 guide!! It was simple, informative inspirational and not one of those advice columns where there is like a trillion you said...give your readers white space! You certainly know your stuff and this is going to help me heaps with my writing. :) Soon I can hopefully give you some good news when one of my 1000's of screenplays taking up all my desktop space makes it!!"

-Dani (Australia)
"My buddies and I have been making weekend movies for years with a goal to someday shoot a low budget feature. Finally, David Hohl’s Anatomy of Horror Master Class has shown us how to do just that and get a great script for free – write it ourselves. It makes so much sense. As film geeks, we have always had something to say - we just didn’t know how to express it commercially. Now we do. Thanks David. You are the best!"

-Roland (St, Louis, MO)
David J. Hohl
Five Star rated script consultant, produced writer